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Welcome to PPA’s new website!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

by Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director

And welcome to our new blog about the Pinelands. In weekly postings, my PPA colleagues and I will be talking about what’s going on in Pinelands politics, nature, events and public involvement in conservation.

We hope you will visit the site often and respond to what you see in the blog and the rest of the site by contacting us at

We are ambitious for this web site, as we want it to become the first place anyone goes for information and images about the Pinelands.

Right now, I want to direct your attention to some of the things you can find on the site.

  • 2009 State of the Pinelands Report – This is our annual report on how government and others have done over the past year, with thumbs up and down as appropriate. This year’s report makes clear that PPA has serious concerns about the direction the Pinelands Commission is headed and about the commitment of its all its members to the overriding conservation goal of the Pinelands Protection Act.
  • Interactive Calendar of Events – Use this feature to see what’s going on in the Pinelands that relates to environmental protection. With the annual Pinelands Month coming up in October, the calendar will be full of events you might want to check out.
  • Current Issues and Pinelands order xanax Watch – You can keep up on many of the hot controversies and issues on which PPA and its members and partners are advocating. The Pinelands Watch network is a free service that gets you frequent action alerts on current issues and tells you how to make your voice heard.
  • Make a Donation – Hey, I run a nonprofit. It’s part of my job to remind people who care about the Pinelands that PPA could not exist without the generosity of our members and supporters. We are not a government agency, and we don’t get government money to be here as your watchdog and advocate, so we depend on donations to be able to do our work for the Pinelands.

Finally, I need to send out our thanks to Fusionspark Media for designing this site and to the wonderful photographers who have donated their Pinelands images to the site. You should check out other projects by Fusionspark Media . You can see the sites of the professional photographers whose work is featured here by clicking on the artist’s name in the credit for each picture.


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