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Conservation, Regulation…and Uncertainty – PART ONE

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

by Russell Juelg, Director for Outreach

Whenever land is slated for development in the Pinelands, one of the most significant and contentious issues is liable to be the protection of officially listed threatened and endangered (T&E) species. In the course of trying to achieve this, determining the presence or absence of T&E species is one of the first—and only one of many—questions to be addressed.

Normally, on a piece of vegetated land, it is only possible for a person to be certain that specific populations of T&E plants are present. It is virtually impossible to be certain that any and all potential T&E plant populations are absent. This situation generates a problem for the Pinelands Commission, and the Commission has yet to address this problem in a consistent fashion. (more…)


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