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    Wednesday, November 15th 2017

    Pinelands Pipelines - Where do we go from here?


    Time & Place

    7:00PM - 8:00PM

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    In 2017 alone two pipelines projects were approved for the Pinelands and over 12 more projects are under consideration in New Jersey. Governor Christie's antics at the Pinelands Commission have weakened the agency and left a door open for future gas companies to try and build pipelines in the Pinelands. With a new governor being sworn in in January, this webinar will look at where we go from here. How do we address the climate crisis and the pipeline expansion that is threatening open spaces in New Jersey? Hear from Pinelands Preservation Alliance Policy Advocate Katie Smith and Food & Water Watch Organizer Lena Smith about what's to come for the Pinelands and New Jersey's energy future. Learn what you can do to take action at the local level to build the clean energy revolution!

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