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    Saturday, November 18th 2017

    Pine Barrens Habitats Tour---Small Group Bus Tour


    Time & Place

    10:00am to 3:00pm
    Participants meet at Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Road, Shamong, NJ

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    To many, the Pine Barrens appear as a monotonous expanse of sugar sand and pine trees. However, a closer look reveals a multifaceted environment comprised of unique habitats. This trip will be an exploration into the various habitats that exist in the pinelands. Characteristics of each habitat will be discussed including flora, fauna, natural and human influence. Areas to be visited include upland pine-oak communities, lowland pine communities, spungs, savannas, hardwood (gum) swamps, and other aquatic environments.

    This trip will be guided by Jeff Larson.

    $60 Per Person

    Preregistration is required at or call 609-268-0189.

    Pinelands Adventures is an initiative of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance to help people across the region get out and explore the Pine Barrens.

    More Information

    609-268-0189 | Web

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