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    Thursday, February 22nd 2018

    Lecture - Tips for Successful Organic Gardening


    Time & Place

    7pm to 8:30 pm
    PPA, 17 Pemberton Rd (CR 616), Southampton NJ 08088

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    Join us in our newly renovated warm and cozy barn at the headquarters of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance for Tips for Successful Organic Vegetable and Herb Gardening. The cost is $15 per person. Participants must register by clicking on the tickets link or by calling 609-268-0189.

    Learn what it means to be certified organic and why you should know your farmer. Discover interesting and productive plant varieties.

    Techniques, Tools and Tips for success include basic soil amendments, mulching, rotation, spacing, interplanting, and a show and tell of useful tools. Learn why a physical barrier can be your best bet against pests and compile a list of resources for seeds and supplies.

    Finally, there will be an opportunity to find out about the varieties offered in Pinelands Adventures 2018 Vegetable and Herb Plant Fundraiser. Bring questions and feedback about plants purchased from last year’s sale!

    Each paid participant will receive one free plant with the purchase of additional plants in our 2018 sale.

    Prior to joining Pinelands Adventures, Rob Ferber was the manager of Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA. He and his wife, Amanda, also run The Philly Chile Company Farm in Monroeville, New Jersey, raising certified organic vegetable and herb transplants for farms and garden centers.

    Ferber is a graduate of the New Jersey Agricultural Leadership Development Program, has served on the board of NOFA-NJ and appeared on WHYYs You Bet Your Garden with Mike McGrath.

    Cost: $15/per person
    PPA Members receive a 10% discount! Enter Code "PPA Member".

    Register online

    Call 609-268-0189 for more information.

    More Information

    Pinelands Adventures | 609-268-0189 | Email | Web

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