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    Friday, July 14th 2017

    New Jersey Pinelands Commission---Monthly Meeting


    Time & Place

    15 Springfield Road, Pemberton, NJ 08068

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    The Pinelands Commission is the state agency that oversees conservation and development within the Pinelands boundaries. They hold a regular monthly meeting that is open to the public. They need to hear from you! The public is allowed to comment during the General Public Comment portion of the agenda.

    You can find the agenda for each meeting on their website -

    They are set to vote on a resolution at this meeting that would greatly reduce the amount of off-road vehicle damage occurring in Wharton State Forest by creating a map that defines what areas(roads) are acceptable for vehicular use. The Pinelands Commission Staff has identified over 220 sites that have been degraded by off-road vehicles in Wharton alone and we need you at the Pinelands Commission for this meeting to help convince the Commission to vote affirmatively for this important map. The map, based on data gathered by the United States Geological Survey in the 1950s, will protect sensitive areas such as wetlands, intermittent ponds, paleo-dunes, and hills that have become subject to so much abuse by vehicles in recent years.

    These features are unique to the Pine Barrens and contain many of the rare species that exist within the National Reserve. While protected from development, there has been little protection from the kind of motor vehicle abuse that has become popular among certain subcultures. Please join us in support of this resolution in order to ensure that these special places remain in their natural state for years to come.

    If you have questions about attending a meeting and would like to speak with a member of the staff at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance call us at 609-859-8860.

    More Information

    609-894-7300 | Web

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