Pinelands Ecology
Pinelands Ecology
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Life and Ecosystems of the Pine Barrens

From the pine plains to cedar swamps and tea-colored rivers flowing to the coastal estuaries, the Pine Barrens offers a mosaic of habitats, which are home to rare plants and unique animals.

Bridge Page - Pinelands Habitats

Pinelands Habitats

A variety of unique habitats give shape to the Pine Barrens.

Bridge Page - Plants of the Pinelands

Plants of the Pinelands

The Pine Barrens is home to plants that are uniquely adapted to thrive in the nutrient poor soils.

Bridge Page - Pinelands Wildlife

Pinelands Wildlife

Discover the common and the unique creatures that inhabit the Pine Barrens.

Bridge Page - Water in the Pines

Water in the Pines

The Pine Barrens is defined by its unique aquifer and water resources.

Bridge Page - Fire in the Pines

Fire in the Pines

Fire plays an important role on the ecology of the Pinelands