Pinelands Habitats

The Pine Barrens is primarily made up of three distinct kinds of communities: uplands, lowlands, and aquatic communities. These broad categories are learning devices we invent; many natural areas, especially transition or "ecotone" areas, don't fit neatly into these three broad categories, but have characteristics of more than one.

Pine/Oak Upland Forest

Pine/Oak Upland Forest is the most common and the most characteristic natural community in the Pine Barrens.

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Pygmy Pine Plains

The Pgymy Pine Plains (or Dwarf Plains) of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey are upland forests that have long intrigued biologists.

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Atlantic White Cedar Swamp

Atlantic White Cedar Swamps are the characteristic swamps of the Pine Barrens, though they are now much reduced in both size and number due to over-harvesting in the past.

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Hardwood Swamps

Hardwood Swamps are wetland forests where the canopy is made up primarily of deciduous hardwoods - mostly Swamp Maple and Black Gum, and, in some areas, Sweet Gum.

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Some of the most beautiful lowland communities in the Pinelands are the Savannas or Wet Meadows.

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Aquatic Habitats

Rivers and Streams in the Pine Barrens flow east into the estuaries and bays along the Atlantic.

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