Hardwood Swamps

Hardwood Swamps are wetland forests where the canopy is made up primarily of deciduous hardwoods - mostly Swamp Maple and Black Gum, and, in some areas, Sweet Gum.

Today, hardwood swamps may be more common than cedar swamps, having developed because of over-harvesting of the cedars in the past. You may find some cedars here and there in a hardwood swamp, or cedars may be in small patches or groves. Shrubs include Highbush Blueberry, Dangleberry, Sweet Pepperbush, and Leatherleaf, and there is some variety of herbaceous plants, grasses, sedges, and rushes. Hardwood swamps are also important wildlife habitat. Extensive hardwood swamps are good nesting habitat for both Barred Owls and Red-shouldered Hawks, for example, and they are populated by a great variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

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