Bog Asphodel

Narthecium americanum

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Bog Asphodel is apparently extant only in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Populations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Delaware reportedly have all been extirpated. Within the Pinelands, populations have suffered, historically, from the creation cranberry bogs and other transformations of the habitat. Current threats are mainly from alteration of habitat, such as succession. Whether or not this succession has been accelerated by hydrological changes caused by humans is an important question to be investigated. Beavers also destroy populations when they create ponds that flood the plants. This extremely rare plant is one of our highest conservation priorities.

Duration: Perennial

Flower: "Mid-June to late July." (Stone)

Habitat: Wetlands. Open stream corridors, streamside savannas, openings in cedar swamps.

State Rank: S2

Global Rank: G2

Key to Ranks/Codes

Natural Heritage Program: Special Plants of New Jersey

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