Yellow Fringeless Orchid

Platanthera integra

Image of Yellow Fringeless Orchid[+ ZOOM] Yellow Fringeless Orchid © Michael Hogan

Being the rarest of our orchids, Yellow Fringeless Orchid has been the subject of much discussion. It was known, historically, from only a handful of sites, and Witmer Stone (1910) admitted, “All our efforts to find this orchid have failed, although likely spots in the Pine Barrens have been searched diligently.” Today, locations of extant populations are a closely guarded secret, as some sites have been vandalized by unscrupulous orchid fanatics.

Duration: Perennial

Flower: "Late July to mid-August." (Stone)

Habitat: Wetlands. Open sphagnum bogs, wet pine barrens, streamside savannas, moist to wet sedgy areas.

State Rank: S1

Global Rank: G3G4

Key to Ranks/Codes

Natural Heritage Program: Special Plants of New Jersey

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