Special Plants of New Jersey Fact Sheets

These fact sheets give identification details, conservation status, habitat descriptions, and additional information for each of the rare plant species listed below. The fact sheets were created by the Partnerships for New Jersey Plant Conservation, a group of scientists and citizens committed to saving New Jersey's incredible botanical heritage, and the New Jersey Natural Heritage Program. Please use and distribute these fact sheets!

Image of American Chaffseed[+ ZOOM] American Chaffseed © Jennifer Bulava 2005

American Chaffseed (Schwalbea americana) (Pinelands species)

Bog Rosemary (Andromeda polifolia var. glaucophylla)

Darlington's Glade Spurge (Euphorbia purpurea)

Estuary Beggar-Ticks (Bidens bidentoides)

Hammond's Yellow Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica var. hammondiae)

Narrow-Leaf Gentian (Gentiana linearis)

Pine Barren Boneset (Eupatorium resinosum) (Pinelands species)

Sensitive Joint-Vetch (Aeschynomene virginica)

Trailing Tick-Trefoil (Desmodium humifusum)

Variable Sedge (Carex polymorpha)

Wild Bleeding-Heart (Dicentra eximia)

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