Black Oak

Quercus velutina Lam.

Image of Black Oak tree, leaves, and acorns[+ ZOOM] Black Oak tree, leaves, and acorns © Wikipedia

Several species of oaks are abundant in the Pinelands. Their typically broad leaves are well adapted for capturing sunlight, and their seeds, contained in acorns, germinate and sprout more easily, under certain circumstances, than do pine seeds. The vulnerability of tree-form oaks to fire will keep them from out-competing the Pitch Pine in characteristic Pine Barrens areas--that is, unless humans continue to alter the natural ecosystem of the Pinelands and suppress the wildfires that are so crucial to this environment. Today the state of New Jersey performs regulated controlled burns throughout the pine forests, but these fires differ in many ways from wildfires, and have dramatically different ecological impacts.

Duration: Perennial

Flower: "late April to mid May" (Hough)

Habitat: Dry.

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