Special Pinelands Plants Course - Practical Applications

Fundamentals of Pinelands Field Botany and Vegetation Communities
This is a joint program of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation and Pinelands Preservation Alliance.

If you enjoy the wildflowers and other common plants of the Pinelands and want to get a deeper understanding of the flora, this is a perfect course for you.

Special Pinelands Plants Course - Pratical Applications is a 10-week course offered this summer.

This year, we’ll not only sharpen our identification skills, we’ll also pay attention to why we might want to positively identify any of the hundreds of plants growing wild in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

In recreational field botany, we usually pay little attention to the utility of plants, deriving pleasure simply from the thrill of learning, and an appreciation of their beauty and mysteries. But a surprising number of Pinelands plants have practical value to us, as the early inhabitants of the land were quite aware. Many are edible, or at least produce edible parts, and an even larger number have medicinal properties. Others are useful in construction or other crafts, or provide choice firewood.

We’ll study live and pressed specimens during the ten evening workshops, and make ten weekend field trips. Of course, we’ll also pay close attention to plants and plant communities that are of conservation priority.

Image of Special Pinelands Plants Course[+ ZOOM] Special Pinelands Plants Course © PPA

Cost: The cost of the course is $150, and must be paid in advance. For registration, contact Laura Szwak at laura@njconservation.org or 908-234-1225. Registration is limited to 30 students. Deadline for registration is May 24, 2013.

2013 Class Schedule: Classes will be held on 10 consecutive Thursday evenings, except for July 4th, from 7 to 9 pm. The first class will be held May 30th. These lecture/workshop sessions will be held at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance headquarters at 17 Pemberton Road (Rt. 616 West), Southampton, NJ, 08088.


2013 Field Trip schedule: Field trips will be at New Jersey Conservation Foundation's Franklin Parker Preserve, unless otherwise indicated. Field trips will normally run from 9 AM to 3 PM. Exact meeting locations will vary.

Sunday, June 2

Saturday, June 8

Sunday, June 16

Saturday, June 22

Sunday, June 30

Saturday, July 13

Sunday, July 21

Saturday, July 27

Sunday, August 4

Saturday, August 10

James C. Rutherford Jr. Scholarship Information: The James C. Rutherford Jr. Scholarship is available to two qualifying registrants. The scholarship was established with contributions made to PPA in memory of Jim Rutherford, a local biologist who was an enthusiastic student of all phases of Pine Barrens ecology, an ardent conservationist, and a participant in the Special Pinelands Plants Courses of 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Image of Jim Rutherford Jr, left, is shown conducting fieldwork in 2007 during PPA's Pinelands Plants course. A Plants Course scholarship was named in his memory.[+ ZOOM] Jim Rutherford Jr, left, is shown conducting fieldwork in 2007 during PPA's Pinelands Plants course. A Plants Course scholarship was named in his memory. © Kevin Sparkman

To apply for a scholarship to the Special Pinelands Plants Course-Fundamentals or Special Pinelands Plants Course - Advanced, please send a letter and your resume to:

Becky Free, Director of Philanthropy, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, 17 Pemberton Road, Southampton, NJ 08088 or email becky@pinelandsalliance.org

Include full name, address, phone and email address. Your letter should explain why you wish to participate in the Special Pinelands Plants Course, how it will benefit your career or studies, and what your need is for the scholarship. Please include a copy of your resume. Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the entire course. Deadline for scholarships is May 3, 2013.

Preferential consideration will be given to full-time students. If you have any questions about the scholarship please contact Becky at 609-859-8860 ext 21 or by email at becky@pinelandsalliance.org

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