While the diversity of bird species in the Pine Barrens is not particularly great, many species live within or migrate through the Pine Barrens.

Image of Pine WarblerPine Warbler © Fritz Myer

One may encounter about 144 species, many of which breed in the Pinelands. The Pine Barrens is important to many migrating and wintering birds. The forests and swamps of the Pine Barrens provide nesting habitat for about 100 species, including wood warblers and other songbirds. The Pine Barrens is an important area for breeding, feeding, nesting, and resting for a great variety of waterfowl, such as ducks and geese, and magnificent raptors, such as the Bald Eagle, Redshouldered Hawk, and Osprey. Many of our bird species that rely on the estuary systems benefit directly from the quality water flowing from the Pine Barrens streams and rivers into the coastal estuaries.

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A list of birds found in the Pine Barrens.

Pine Barrens Birds (

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