Charles Aitken

2017 Pinelands Juried Exhibit Photographer

I was raised in New Jersey and started exploring the Jersey Pinelands when I received my driver’s license at age seventeen. I started exploring the many sand roads that crisscrossed the vast landscape in my VW bug and fell in love with its beauty. The varied landscape offers so many different photographic opportunities. I particularly enjoy visiting the many cranberry bogs and beautiful waterways that are throughout the area.

I received my first SLR camera 45 years ago, but my passion didn’t seem to ignite until I purchased my first digital camera about 12 years ago. I try to limit my post processing to how I remember the scene in my mind at the time of capture.

My passion is landscapes, particularly seascapes and the New Jersey Pinelands. I continue to be awestruck by God’s creation and the beauty that surrounds us all. Each and every photo that I take seems to be forever embedded in my mind’s eye, and I can bring myself back to the time of capture by just looking at the photo.

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