Tour de Pines Cycling Jersey 2018

We are proud to offer a cycling jersey just for the Tour de Pines! The jerseys are provided through Champion System and must be ordered through their online store by October 17th.

Tour de Pines Cycling Jersey

Image of Tour 2017 cycling jersey

Tour de Pines cycling jerseys are available through this online store. The store is only open until October 17th. You can choose to have the Jersey shipped to us and we will get it to you or pay (a lot) extra and have it shipped directly to you. There is a five order minimum for the order to completed. 15% of the cost of the jersey is dedicated to PPA.

You must copy and paste this link into your browser:

PLEASE note if you copy and paste the link from a URL it will change and you will go to the main website for Champion Jersey. You can copy this link and paste it into your brower. This link should take you directly to the Tour de Pines cycling jersey.

Please follow the instructions below to place your order.

  1. Click on the link
  2. You see images of two different Tour de Pines designs. One is a V-neck and the other has a front zipper. Put your mouse over the image and click on the magnifying glass to see a larger image.
  3. Decide between V-neck or zipper and then put your mouse over the image and you will see that a button “Click to Order” pops up. Click this button.
  4. You are brought to a new image that shows you different styles and the prices. You will be seeing the different styles in a generic design. There is even a mini-jersey for a Barbie doll at $6.10.
  5. The prices are hard to read but they are listed directly under the design you like and are in grey. You might see something like “APEX Pro Jersey USD142.26”. The cost in this case is $142.26
  6. Click the image you like and you are brought to a screen that shows the Tour de Pines jersey again and asks you to click on the cut you would like.
  7. You are brought to a new window to select your size and quantity. Type a number into the box underneath the size you want. Click Add to Cart. Then click Review/Checkout to complete payment.
  8. You have to create an account with a log in. There is no way around it.
  9. You then enter your address. Shipping is automatically set up to come to the Pinelands Preservation Alliance at 17 Pemberton Rd in Southampton. You can choose individual shipping but it will cost $30.

Questions or issues? Contact Becky at 609-859-8860 or by email at

Image of Sizing Chart for Champion JerseysSizing Chart for Champion Jerseys
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