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In celebration of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Week we invite the young and the young-at-heart to join us for a very special event on March 3rd.

Join us for a TREE-ific Party

Saturday, March 3rd from 2pm to 4pm at our offices


Image of Lorax Along

Help us celebrate Dr. Seuss and Read Across America week at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. Our special guest, the Cat in the Hat will read the book The Lorax.

After the story, children will be invited to participate in a special activity, “Take a Hike with the Lorax”. This activity will require them to visit each of the teaching centers listed below to find answers to a series of questions. With each answer, they will receive a sticker with letters that will eventually spell two secret words. Completed cards will make them eligible for a number of prize drawings.

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Tree-ific Party Teaching Centers

Native Plant Seedling

Children get a Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)seedling which they can plant and take home. Flowering Dogwood is a native tree to South Jersey that has beautiful flowers in April and May. A naturalist and/or gardener will be at the table to help with the planting, answer questions and provide advice.

Monica Hollenbeck, Face Painter

Monica Hollenbeck is a familiar name as a journalist for local media where she has gained respect for her professionalism, writing and research. As a mother of active children, Monica has also contributed her skills and passion to leadership in scouting and other community service activities. Monica is also a talented artist and will be participating as a face painter at the event. She will offer several Dr, Seuss favorites as well as other designs that are always a hit.


Americorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassador will show you and your child the Enviroscape! This is a hands-on, interactive watershed model that demonstrates the relationship between our actions on land and how they impact the water. There is an Americorps Watershed Ambassador for each of 20 watershed management areas in the state of New Jersey. They monitor water quality in watershed, train volunteers and visit classrooms across the state, all as part of an effort to help people become responsible stewards of their home watersheds.

The Buzz about Bees in the Pinelands

Bees serve a critical role in the natural world pollinating the majority of the crops that are grown for consumption by humans. Most fruits, vegetables, nuts and other crops like coffee and tea are dependent on pollination by bees to increase yields and quality. And the honey! This sweet food made by bees has been used by humans for generations as a sweetener and as a natural anti-septic. Meet beekeeper Peter Leighton from Blueberry Wood Apiary who keeps bee hives at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. Taste some of their honey products. Blueberry Wood Apiary specializes in raw honey, candles, hand creams and lip balm.

Burlington County Library

Did you know that the Burlington County Library is the first county library system established in New Jersey? The county library system established in Mount Holly in 1921 has the distinction of serving the largest county geographically in the state. Staff from the Burlington County Library will have information on library services and programs for all ages including their newest service - 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. Families can also sign up for a library card, find out about local library branches and children can make a craft.

Berries from the Pinelands

Beth Ann Peterson, RD is the dietician and nutritionist with ShopRite of Medford and Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen. With her guidance, participants will learn about the delicious edibles found in the Pinelands and create a “take away” snack to enjoy. Beth has a depth of experience as a dietician in a hospital setting and with special needs populations and has provided hands on learning in nutrition education to hundreds of school age children. A Medford native, Beth has a degree in Dietetics from University of Connecticut and has continued her education throughout her life to remain current in her profession. Beth may be reached at ShopRite of Medford on 208 Route 70 East or call 609-953-7700.

Pollination Station and Conservation Corner

Pollination Station is a non-profit that began as an advocacy group for the protection of Monarch butterflies and to share conservation education through school assemblies, classrooms, and festivals/fairs. More recently, they have expanded their efforts into another passion of theirs, native wildlife and habitat loss, with the acquisition of Virginia Opossum, Eastern Screech Owl, Southern Flying Squirrel, while still supporting their protection of the Monarch Butterfly. They may be contacted via their webpage at

Burlington County Parks - Junior Ranger Program

Rangers from the Burlington County Park system will tell you about all the amazing parks you can visit in Burlington County. Learn about their Junior Rangers Program where you can be a Park Pal (ages 5-8) or an Outdoor Adventurer (ages 9-12). Once you join you will be notified about free programs for the Junior Rangers that take place in the summer. Learn about mammals, insects, freshwater fish, trees, reptiles and more! Burlington County has more than 1000 acres of developed parkland and a regional trail system. Find new places to explore! Learn more on the county website.

Take Action – Speak for the Pine Trees

At the end of it all, the hope is that the participating children and adults will feel motivated to take action. This center, managed by Becky Free, PPA’s Director of Membership and Communication, will allow participants the opportunity to explore a number of ways in which they can move forward with the shared mission of preserving the Pinelands. Participants will be encouraged to write their plan onto a large white banner that will then be displayed at PPA’s offices.

Special Guest

In character as Cat in the Hat will be Steve Carty who will start the fun with a reading of “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. Steve is a skilled basket designer and maker. Steve has great love for the Pinelands and its preservation and will share that passion and joy in his role as “Cat in the Hat” throughout the event. Steve may be reached at the Pinelands Folk Music & Basketry Center, 31 White Street, Mount Holly NJ 08061 or by phone at 609-518-7600.

Thank You!

PPA is honored to have the support of a number of volunteers to assist with this exciting, but ambitious, program: educators Donna Eshelman, Marion Gotwin, Bernadette Longo, Jeanne Woodford, Vince and Janet Giardina as well as students from Shawnee National Honor Society, area Scout troops, and Medford schools.

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