Pinelands Heritage Partnership

The purpose of the Pinelands Heritage Partnership (PHP), a new effort led by Pinelands Preservation Alliance and Preservation New Jersey, is to develop an initial policy and education agenda to better promote the preservation and maintenance of the Pinelands' historic resources.

The new Pinelands Heritage Partnership is designed to assist and empower Pinelands area historical societies, house museums and historic sites, historical commissions, downtown management organizations and other groups and volunteers to foster the preservation, interpretation and public use of the important historic sites in the Pinelands. As anticipated, the Partnership will offer local activists more information, resources and the ability to network more readily with their peers. This effort, to build the Pinelands Historic Preservation Partnership, is being undertaken with the full cooperation of Preservation New Jersey (PNJ), the only statewide nonprofit, organized to advocate and educate about New Jersey's historic resources. We believe by partnering with PNJ we can further advance the preservation movement in this region and in the state and hope you agree.

1st Pinelands Heritage Partnership Forum, March 16, 2007

A report on the first Pinelands Heritage Partnership Forum is available here.

Pinelands Heritage Partnership Focus Groups

Heritage Consulting Inc., a consultant to the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, conducted six focus groups from July 7 to 17, 2009 as part of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance's efforts to establish and grow the Pinelands Heritage Partnership.

For more information, read a summary of the results of these focus groups.

2nd Pinelands Heritage Partnership Forum, November 14, 2009

The Pinelands Heritage Partnership Forum was held on Saturday, November 14 in Hammonton at the newly restored Eagle Theater. Attendees heard about some important marketing and tourism projects, communication efforts and interpretation projects all occurring in the Pinelands. A series of round table group discussions were arranged to begin to develop task forces to help move some of the clear goals identified by focus group participants forward for the coming year.

Click here for an agenda.

Click here for Round Table Discussion report

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