Protecting the Pinelands
Protecting the Pinelands
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Working for Future Generations

Pinelands Preservation Alliance is the only environmental non-profit whose sole mission is the preservation of the 1.1 million acres of the New Jersey Pinelands. Find out more about how you can support our work.

Bridge page - Hot Issues

Hot Issues

Learn what we do

PPA is constantly monitoring development proposals and changes to the law at the state, Pinelands and municipal levels.

Bridge Page - Pinelands Plan Overview

Pinelands Plan Overview

The Pinelands Plan is one of America’s foremost efforts to control growth and protect a globally unique ecosystem.

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Pinelands Watch

Get involved!

Join PPA's activist network and keep on top of the issues and develoopments that threaten the Pinelands.

Bridge Page - Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Find out more about how individuals, neighborhoods and towns can lessen their impact on the environment.