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Hot Issues

Pinelands Preservation Alliance is currently focused on the following issues and campaigns.

If you would like to join PPA and the Pinelands Watch Network and report activities in your community that are not in keeping with the Pinelands plan or the protection of the ecosystem, contact Katie Smith at 609-859-8860 ext. 122 or email

Legislative and Regulatory Issues

Pinelands Preservation Alliance advocates for legislative and regulatory reforms, and against bad laws, that effect the Pinelands.

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Planning Issues

Municipalities are making changes to Master Plans and Ordinances all the time. Pinelands Preservation Alliance monitors planning changes both at the local level and during the certification process which follows at the NJ Pinelands Commission.

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Development Issues

Development is ongoing throughout the Pinelands and is monitored by Pinelands Preservation Alliance and local residents. The South Jersey Gas Pipeline proposal is an example of the issues found here.

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Ecological Issues

Pinelands Preservation Alliance monitors the ecological issues that directly impact the threatened and endangered wildlife and rare plants found throughout the Pinelands.

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Pinelands Commission Meetings

NJ Pinelands Commission Meetings are usually held the second Friday of each month. The meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. and are generally held at the Richard J. Sullivan Center for Environmental Policy and Education, 15C Springfield Road, New Lisbon, New Jersey.

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