NJ Natural Gas - Wetlands Application

NJ Natural Gas - Wetlands Application documents

Transco/NJ Natural Gas has submitted an application to NJ DEP, for the wetlands impacts for the Compressor Station in Chesterfield, the 29.5 mile 30 inch pipeline and the for the CAFRA portion of the pipeline route.

The CAFRA portion being that area outside the Joint Base-McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, parallel to Route 70, to Colonial Drive in Manchester Township. The Joint Base-McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst section of pipeline is within the Pinelands Protection Area but the wetlands are all being address under one application through the DEP.

The wetlands application addresses any disturbance or impacts to wetlands or wetlands buffers at the compressor station property and those wetlands for the entire length of the pipeline route. The applicant has indicated that they will be installing the pipeline by a method called Horizontal Directional drilling (HDD) for the length of the route and with this method of installation there will be no impacts to the wetlands. HDD drilling places the pipe under stream beds.


Comments from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to the NJ DEP state: "The service notes that directional drilling under wetlands cannot be construed as ensuring no adverse effects to bog turtle and their habitat. (Crowell 2014)" Page 2 of document below.


Download FLYER for DEP public hearings

FLYER for DEP public hearings - 6.0MB
August 22, 2016 & September 7, 2016

The application has been amended several times and PPA has tried to post here the changes along with the original submissions and correspondence between the applicant and the DEP.

Download NJ Natural Gas

NJ Natural Gas - 638.5KB
Application form submitted to NJ DEP

Download USFWS & DEP comments

USFWS & DEP comments - 599.7KB
to DEP reference to the project, comment upbove was taken from this doucment.

Recent letters pertaining to the Public hearing by NJ DEP:

Download NJ Natural Gas - letter February 19, 2016

NJ Natural Gas - letter February 19, 2016 - 242.5KB
to NJ DEP Permit Coordination and Environmental Review, objecting to public hearing process

Download NJ DEP Permit Coordination, John Gray, Esq.

NJ DEP Permit Coordination, John Gray, Esq. - 305.2KB
to Transco in response to its February 19, 2016 letter, dated June 29, 2016

Documents pertaining to the Compressor Station:

Download Compressor Station

Compressor Station - 5.5MB
4 sheets/plans, last updated May 24, 2016

Download Garden State Expansion Project

Garden State Expansion Project - 2.3MB
Williams Report (part 1)- Individual Freshwater Wetlands, July 2015

Download Williams Report

Williams Report - 1.7MB
Part 2, Sections 5-6-7-8, Regulatory Compliance for Freshwater Wetlands

Download Chesterfield Compressor Station

Chesterfield Compressor Station - 3.3MB
Wetlands mapping of Compressor and Substation in Chesterfield

Download AECOM letter

AECOM letter - 2.7MB
to DEP with additional information for wetlands application, September 9, 2015

Download Transco letter

Transco letter - 2.6MB
to DEP in response to Chesterfields letter of May 24, 2016

Documents pertaining to the Pipeline in Pinelands and CAFRA portion:

Download NJ Natural Gas Wetlands Delineation Report

NJ Natural Gas Wetlands Delineation Report - 883.8KB
Pinelands portion of pipeline, by URS, dated January 2015 (there are figures for this report that are too large to post)

Download NJ Natura Gas - Wetlands Delineation Report

NJ Natura Gas - Wetlands Delineation Report - 2.1MB
Wetlands Maps for the above reports

Download NJ DEP letter

NJ DEP letter - 124.2KB
to NJ Natural Gas, deficiency letter July 24, 2015

Download NJ DEP letter

NJ DEP letter - 176.8KB
NJ Natural gas, deficiency letter August 7, 2015

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