Planning Issues

Municipalities are making changes to Master Plans and Ordinances all the time. Pinelands Preservation Alliance monitors planning changes both at the local level and during the certification process which follows at the NJ Pinelands Commission.

Barnegat Bay Restoration

The Barnegat Bay/Little Egg Harbor (BB/LEH) estuary is suffering from eutrophication due to the over-enrichment of nutrients from watershed sources as well as atmospheric sources. Impacts to BB/LEH include reduced submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), algae blooms, infestations by parasitic epiphytes, loss or drastic deterioration of shellfish populations, and alteration of the Bay’s fish communities.

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Pinelands Commission begins Plan Review Process

The Pinelands Commission has begun its fourth review of the Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP), the map and body of rules which controls development in the Pinelands. This review is required by the Pinelands Protection Act, which says the Commission is to review the CMP every five years. Previous reviews have taken place in 1983, 1992 and 2002.

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Medford Township Parkland Diversion (2008)

Medford Township, Burlington County has violated its agreement with the New Jersey State Green Acres program by accepting taxpayer monies for open space and allowing a private contracting business to establish a construction yard on the site.

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Pinelands Mandatory Clustering

The Pinelands Commission adopted amendments to the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) in April 2009 which require mandatory clustering of residential development in the Pinelands Forest and Rural Development Areas. These amendments require clustering of residential development on one acre lots whenever two or more units are proposed in either of the two management areas, with the balance of the property permanently protected from development.

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Pemberton's New Master Plan (2009)

Pemberton Township has completed the planning board process of updating its master plan. Most of the changes rezone farmland to accommodate residential or commercial development.

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Ocean Acres Conservation Zone

In 2004, Barnegat Township adopted an ordinance that created a 350 acre Residential Conservation (RC) Zone within the existing Regional Growth portion of the Ocean Acres sub-division. Walters Group, a major land owner within the subdivision, believes that a 135 lot portion of the conservation zone should now be rezoned to allow the development of houses.

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Woodland Township Expaned Infill Area

In the Woodland 2011 Master Plan Reexamination Report, dated December 20, 2011, Woodland Township wants to expand the current Highway Business (HB) zone by another 1,000 feet fronting Route 72. This new zoning would encompass all the property fronting Route 72 owned by Woodland Township.

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