Galloway Township

The Township of Galloway was created by Royal Patent of King George III of England on April 4, 1774. At that time it was part of Old Gloucester County, and comprised of what is now Hammonton, Mullica Township, Egg Harbor City, Port Republic, Brigantine, Atlantic City, and the northern part of Absecon.

Historians are unsure as to how Galloway got its name. One opinion is that is was named after an area in Scotland known as Galloway Mull. The other theory is that it was named after Joseph Galloway, a Loyalist delegate to the Continental Congress.

Galloway Township has a rich history. Its first inhabitants were Lenni-Lenape native Americans followed by European settlers. During the Revolutionary War Galloway was an important shipping area and the site of the Battle of Chestnut Neck (Chestnut Neck is now a part of Port Republic.) A stagecoach route ran through Galloway from 1773 until the railroad arrived in 1854 (Great Creek Road was once a railroad line to Brigantine). The legend of the Jersey Devil originated in the Leeds Point section of Galloway.

Note: This brief history is an excerpt from the Gaay Township Police Department website and was compiled by Officer Joseph J. Picardi.

Image of Richard Stockton College in Galloway Township, Atlantic County[+ ZOOM] Richard Stockton College in Galloway Township, Atlantic County © PPA

Muncipal Resources:

Pinelands Municipal Fact Book(NJ Pinelands Commission)

Municipal Website

Municipal Fact Sheet

Business Directory

Current of Galloway Township(this local newspaper is a source of information about local planning issues and a platform for concerned citizens to express their opinions via letters to the editor)

PPA at Work in Galloway Township:

Stockton College Growth Expansion proposal

Planning PPA is Monitoring

Sustainability Initiatives in Galloway Township

PPA has worked with Galloway municipal officals, volunteers and local residents to assist them in creating a more sustainable community. Efforts are underway by the Environmental Commission, Green Team, local residents, schools, businesses and organizations to lower energy use, preserve air and water quality, and sustain local farms. Below are some examples:

Image of Rain garden at Galloway municipal building[+ ZOOM] Rain garden at Galloway municipal building ©PPA
  • Environmental Commission/Green Team
  • Sustainable Jersey - received Silver level certification and Creativity Award in 2010
  • Composting/native plant demonstation garden
  • Rain garden in municipal parking lot
  • Wind and solar ordinance: Galloway is one of the few NJ municipalities to enact an ordinance facilitating the installation of both small wind and solar energy systems.
  • Rain sensor ordinance
  • Transit Village (planned in Pomona)
  • Study of local restaurants supporting local farms

To volunteer for or get information about Galloway's green efforts, call Barbara Fiedler at (609) 652-8657, ext. 10 or email


Galloway Historical Society, or contact Robert Reid at 609-569-9000.

Sites of Interest:

Noyes Museum of Art

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

New Jersey's Green College

Historic Smithville and Village Greene

Pine Barrens Scenic Byway

How to Get There:

Google Map

NJ Transit's Atlantic City Line stops in Egg Harbor City, right next to Galloway.

NJ Transit Bus #508

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