Lumley Tract

In 1990 a proposal was submitted to build 281 houses on the Margaret Majors property in Berkeley Township, Ocean County.

  • In 1990 the landowner of this 265-acre parcel started the application process with the Pinelands Commission to build 281 single-family homes on the property.

    Image of An aerial view of the Lumley Tract[+ ZOOM] An aerial view of the Lumley Tract © PPA

  • About 500 residents gathered in November of 2004 to hear more about the landowner’s plans to develop the property and to voice objections to the project, which would place additional cars on Davenport Road through their community.
  • PPA met with several of the homeowners in the area to explain the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) regulations that applied to the property and ways the property could be permanently protected.
  • During 2005, the Berkeley Township Planning Board planners reviewed all the data pertaining to the area east of Davenport Road and North of Dover Road.
  • November 7, 2005 the Pinelands Commission issued an Inconsistent Certificate of Filing. The application received an “inconsistent” determination because the applicant confirmed the presence of a threatened animal species on the property but did not demonstrate that the development would not avoid irreversible adverse impacts on habitats that would be critical to the survival of the local population. The applicant also did not provide adequate information to meet the Comprehensive Management Plan’s stormwater and landscaping regulations.
Image of A map of the rezoning of Lumley Tract.[+ ZOOM] A map of the rezoning of Lumley Tract. © PPA
  • In the spring of 2006, Berkeley Township changed its Master Plan to expand the Pinelands Forest Management Area to encompass the entire Jakes Branch watershed. This moved the Pinelands Forest Area to include an additional 80 acres of the Lumley Tract property along Davenport Road. The changes also included a rezone of the remaining portion of the tract to Rural Development Residential Cluster (RDRC). See map to the right, and the Pinelands Commission certified the Berkeley Township’s rezoning ordinance.
  • In September of 2008 the Ocean County Natural Lands Trust purchase the property.

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