Pemberton's New Master Plan (2009)

Pemberton Township has completed the planning board process of updating its master plan. Most of the changes rezone farmland to accommodate residential or commercial development.

In early 2007, Pemberton Township began the process of updating its master plan. On July 9, 2009 the new plan was approved by the planning board and now moves onto the Pemberton Council to implement by ordinance the changes outlined in this new document.

There are three areas outside the Pinelands Protection Area that are being changed. Two parcels are being rezoned from AR (agriculture) to GCLI (general commercial); one area is being changed from AR (agriculture) to NC (neighborhood commercial) and the Greenburg farm from AR (agriculture) to senior housing. These areas are currently zone agriculture and are being rezoned to accommodate commercial or high density senior residential housing.

Image of Greenburg Farm located on North Pemberton RoadGreenburg Farm located on North Pemberton Road © Joe Marshall

On December 20, 2009 the Pemberton Council voted 3-2 to rezone the Greenberg farm for major residential development.

One area within the Pinelands Protection Area is also being changed from an Agriculture Production Area to Regional Growth. It is an additional 300 feet of commercial to the already zone 300 foot commercial zone along Route 530 near the intersection of Pemberton Road. Again Pemberton is changing farmland to allow for new development. PPA does not support the loss of valuable farmland and object as the master plan moves through the Pinelands Commission process.

Recently the Pinelands Commission completed an Ecological Integrity Assessment (EIA) of the entire Pinelands. In Pemberton Township there are some high EIA areas that weren’t reflected as a zoning or pinelands management area changes in master plan process and should have. They are:

  • Lakehurst Road– “Village Grande or DR Horton development site” - The high EIA score that this site obtained could be used by Pemberton Township to make a management area change from Regional Growth to Rural Development or Forest. During the long presentations before the planning board it was learned that there are many environmental constraints holding back development of this site.

    Download DR Horton EIA Map

    DR Horton EIA Map - 467.0KB
    Map showing EIA scores for the D.R. Horton site.

  • Route 70 and Route 530 area– This area received a high EIA score and is still being considered by the Pinelands Commission for a change from Rural Development to Forest. Pemberton Township should support this change and reflect it in the new master plan.

    Download EIA Map for Route 70 area

    EIA Map for Route 70 area - 486.0KB
    Ecological integerity score for the area of Route 70 and Route 530.

  • Juliustown Road– What was called the “Baker Residential” development received a high ecological score and is rich with Indian artifacts that should be preserved by Pemberton Township. Using the Pinelands EIA scores the current Rural Development area could be changed to a Forest Management Area.

    Download Juliustown Road - Baker development site

    Juliustown Road - Baker development site - 248.9KB
    Juliustown Road - Baker development site

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