Route 528 Development by EL at Jackson, LLC

The Route 528 housing development project being proposed by EL at Jackson, LLC is 355 acres in size. The site is bounded to the south by West Veterans Highway (CR 528) and with Perrineville Road to the north. The western boundary of the site is Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area. The development site contains the drainage area for the headwaters of the Toms River.

Map of the project area:

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area map of site

El at Jackson, LLC that is proposing to develop the site has submitted an application to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for a Letter of Interpretation, Wetlands Line Verification and a Transition Area Waiver-Special Activity Permit.


Please submitt written comments to the NJ DEP!

The address is:

NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Division of Land Use Regulation

Mail Code 501-02A, P.O. Box 420

Trenton, NJ 08625-0420

When submitting your comments you should request that the NJ DEP hold a public hearing on the Transition Area Waiver request by EL at Jackson!


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NJDEP Permitting Application Report, dated August 15, 2016

The applicant is proposing a 250 foot wetlands buffer to the tributaries of the Cedar Branch on the southern portion of the development site. To the Pole Branch, which is located through the northern portion of the development site, they are proposing 50 foot buffers with a small area on the southern boundary with 150 foot buffer.

EL at Jackson, LLC has applied for a permits for 355 acres. They have submitted the same wetlands line that was approved, by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), back in 2007 for the Jackson Valley project when the property was owned by Hovbilt, Inc. The wetlands boundary will be determined by the NJ DEP through a Letter of Interpretation (LOI) before the applicant goes for any of the local approvals needed for the project.

EL at Jackson, LLC has also applied for a Special Activity Transition Area Waiver under the Wetlands Regulations. Under the regulations the Pole Brook and the Cedar Branch have been designated C1 Category streams. This means that the streams have a flood hazard setback requirement of 300 feet to the river. At the same time there is a wetland buffer requirement. Because the applicant is only asking for 50 foot to the wetlands, a portion of the development foot print is being proposed in area that has been designated as a flood hazard. Under the DEP regulations this can only occur if they get a special area waiver permit.

The improvements EL at Jackson, LLC is asking for in this flood hazard area, according to the application, include but are not limited to, a portion of a community center building, patio, residential construction, parking, infiltration basin, grading and section of roadway/sidewalk.

Comments submitted to DEP:

Download DEP letter reference  EL at Jackson

DEP letter reference EL at Jackson - 15.1MB
submitted by Pinelands Preservation Alliance, NJ Chapter of Sierra Club, Save Barnegat Bay and NJ Conservation Foundation, 19 Sep 2016

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