Pinelands Science Policy Forums

Thirty years ago, the Pinelands was created through a collaboration of science and policy innovation. We aim to renew that synergy to tackle the fundamental challenges the Pinelands faces today through a series of science-policy forums.

Invited attendees come to discuss the state of scientific research and conservation policy with other scientists and policy makers who seek to understand and respond to the conservation challenges facing the Pinelands.

The first kick-off forum, Scientific Research in the Pinelands National Reserve: an overview and status report from the field, provided a framework for shaping more specific topics in the subsequent forums.

These forums include:

Overview Forum

The first Pinelands Science-Policy Forum was held on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at the Rutgers Eco-Complex. This was the first in a series of forums to discuss the state of scientific knowledge and science-based conservation policies on Pinelands fire and landscape ecology, water quality and water supply.

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Water Quality

PPA and its partners have organized a series of Pinelands Science-Policy Forums focused on long-standing issues of concern in the environmental community. The second in the series is the water quality forum.

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Ecological Impact of Roads

Pinelands Science-Policy Forum on Ecological Impact of Roads is the third in a series of forums organized to facilitate policy discussion on unresolved problems in the Pinelands.

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Water Supply

Pinelands Science-Policy Forum on the Kirkwood Cohansey Aquifer was held in March 2012 to focus on the sustainable planning for future water use in the Pinelands.

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