Ecological Impact of Roads

Pinelands Science-Policy Forum on Ecological Impact of Roads is the third in a series of forums organized to facilitate policy discussion on unresolved problems in the Pinelands.

Image of Pine Shrub Oak forest[+ ZOOM] Pine Shrub Oak forest © PPA

Pinelands Preservation Alliance along with NJDEP’s Division of Endangered and Non-Game Species, New Jersey Pinelands Commission, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, New Jersey Conservation Foundation, and Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission organized a Science-Policy Forum on Strategies to Address the Ecological Impact of Roads. The forum was held on November 17, 2011.

This Pinelands Forum aimed at developing consensus policy measures and strategies to address the adverse ecological impact of existing roads, new roads, and other expansions of the road system. Roads cause direct mortality to wildlife, dissect wildlife corridors, and diminish wildlife populations. Roads also introduce a variety of adverse impacts to plant communities.

Discussion leaders for the day provided an overview of road impacts to wildlife and vegetation populations and led discussions on policy options to protect these populations. Individuals representing conservation groups, transportation agencies, environmental agencies, and local appointed officials participated in the discussion which helped to inform and create the forum’s roadmap report below.

Download Ecological Impact of Roads_Report and Summary 2011

Ecological Impact of Roads_Report and Summary 2011 - 667.8KB
Report and summary from Pinelands Science-Policy Forum on the Ecological Impact of Roads.

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