Water Quality

PPA and its partners have organized a series of Pinelands Science-Policy Forums focused on long-standing issues of concern in the environmental community. The second in the series is the water quality forum.

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The Pinelands Science-Policy Forum on water quality used Barnegat Bay as a case study to identify policy and implementation options for restoring and protecting the Bay. Success in Barnegat Bay can be used as a model to be replicated elsewhere.

Approximately forty attendees representing the conservation community, appointed officials, municipal employees, and agency representatives were involved in a day-long discussion and consensus building on what tools were necessary to protect Barnegat Bay from the excessive flow of nutrients from developed land. The Forum focused on actions that can be taken within the watershed of Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor Watershed to restore the quality of the Bay.

Attached is the final report outlining the options that were agreed upon by the attendees of the forum. Overall, the major points of consensus included:

1. Modifying or creating a political structure that views Barnegat Bay watershed in its totality not divided up by the different political entities (Pinelands Commission, DEP and the county);

2. Finding creative funding mechanisms for property owners to modify their landscapes to retain stormwater on-site and fixing stormwater basins, and

3. Educating the public on nutrient contamination and solutions to the problem.

Download Water Quality Forum Report

Water Quality Forum Report - 1.0MB
Summary of policy and implementation options that were agreed upon by the forum attendees.

Please see the Barnegat Bay Page on some of the issues we addressed at our Science Policy Forum as well as an update on the Governor's 10-Point Plan for Restoring the Bay and the new laws passed by the NJ Legislature for dealing with the Bay's problems.

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