Threats to the Pinelands

Threats to the Pinelands include:

  • Development of land, replacing forests with farms, houses, malls and roads, withresulting loss and fragment of forest habitats,
  • Alteration of water quality (both surface and ground water) through addition of nutrients, toxic chemicals and other pollutants,
  • Draining of aquifers and surface waters,
  • Vandalism from irresponsible Off-Road Vehicle use, collecting of plants and animals, and dumping of waste on the ground.
  • Climate Change: habitat and species loss due to rising sea level and increased average temperatures

Threats to the Pine Barrens

Despite laws to protect them, the Pinelands are in jeopardy. Suburban sprawl around the perimeter is approaching buildout. Irreplacable habitat is giving way to development pressure.

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