Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan became interested in photography in high school and began shooting in black and white.

Image of Water lillies on the Wading River, Franklin Parker Preserve[+ ZOOM] Water lillies on the Wading River, Franklin Parker Preserve © Michael Hogan

In college he experimented with photographing with different films such as high speed recording, infrared and using techniques such as multiple exposure, solarization and drawing in the photograph with a flashlight. In 1985 Michael became interested in color photography, shooting with a 4x5 format view camera and printing his own color photography. He also became influenced by the photography of his teacher, Jack Carnell and of the photography of Eliot Porter, Richard Misrach and Ansel Adams.

At this time Michael began making photographs in the Southern New Jersey Pinelands, a place where he fished, camped, and canoed many times. The more Michael photographed the area the more he became interested in its history and unique ecology. He began to explore and the photograph with his view camera, the normally inaccessible places, traveling by foot, canoe and jeep.

Image of Michael Hogan[+ ZOOM] Michael Hogan © Michael Hogan

As he photographed the Pinelands Michael became aware that the public should be educated of the need to protect and preserve this fragile and unique environmental treasure and that his photography could help accomplish this. He then became involved in area groups that promote this idea.including Whitesbog Preservation Trust, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, the Batsto Citizens Committee, the NJ Nature Conservancy, and others.

Michael’s large format, fine art photographs of the Pinelands and the Delaware River and Bay are in many corporate, public and private collections and were exhibited in the Cannon Building Rotunda, Washington DC, in 1991. His work has been used by many organizations for brochures, posters, annual reports, calendars, murals, displays and for fundraising. Michael’s photography was featured in a 1993 episode of New Jersey Network’s "Discover New Jersey" program.

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