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PPA's Inside the Pinelands Newsletter Oct/Nov 2018

Image of inside the pinelands Oct Nov 2018


Here is what you can find in this month's newsletter:

Environmental Issues and Joint Base McGuire - Dix - Lakehurst / Developing Coping Skills Through Nature / Fall in the Pinelands / Restore PILOT Program Funding / Pinelands Events PDF Version



August / September 2018 Inside the Pines

CMP Amendments Going Nowhere / Herons, Egrets and Bitterns / PPA Welcomes New Trustees / Pinelands Events PDF Version

June / July 2018 Inside the Pinelands

Meet the New Pinelands Commissioners / Lighting the Field on Fire / Proactive Beach Management in NJ / Pinelands Events PDF Version

April / May 2018 Inside the Pinelands

Governor Murphy's Environmental Goals / Get Out and Explore with Pinelands Adventures / Life Science Field Training Institute / Chain Pickerel - The Water Wolf / Pinelands Adventures Spring Events PDF Version

Feb/March 2018 Inside the Pinelands

Governor Brendan T. Byrne - Father of the Pinelands / Volunteer Land Protectors Make a Huge Difference / Offshore Drilling Threatens Pinelands / 2018 Pinelands Juried Photo Exhibit Dates Announced / Pinelands Events PDF Version

Oct / Nov 2017 Inside the Pinelands

Good News Bad News from the Commission /Ghost Forests Come to New Jersey / Dunes are Critical: A Conservation Update / Conservation Ballot Measure / Pinelands Events PDF Version

August / September 2017 Inside the Pinelands

Report Finds No Need for NJ Natural Gas Pipeline / Save the Source - Not a Drop to Spare / Understanding the Pinelands Commission / Take Action Join Pinelands Watch / Pinelands Events PDF Version

April / May 2017 Inside the Pinelands

Brendan T. Byrne Fund Reaches Goal / Join us for a Pinelands Adventure in 2017 / Katie Smith Joins PPA Staff / Pinelands Events PDF Version

Oct. / Nov. 2016 Inside the Pinelands

October is Pinelands Month / Update on Two Pinelands Pipelines / Fighting for Smarter Water Policy in New Jersey / 100 Years of Blueberry Cultivation / Pinelands EventsPDF Version

Aug./Sept. 2016 Inside the Pinelands

Massive Development Proposal Defeated - For Now / Protecting Critical Dune Habitat in NJ / Open Space Funding Bill Signed by Governor Christie / Pinelands Roadside Management / Pinelands Events PDF Version

June/July 2016 - Inside the Pinelands

How do we know if our forests are healthy? / Update on Two Pinelands Pipelines / Fighting for Smarter Water Policy in New Jersey / 100 Years of Blueberry Cultivation / Pinelands Events PDF Version

April/May 2016 - Inside the Pinelands

PPA to Complete $4 million Campaign / Conservation Trailblazer Don Kirchhoffer / Pinelands Adventures Opens for 2016 / The Death of a Pine Snake / Pinelands Events PDF Version

August/September 2015 - Inside the Pinelands

The Pinelands Jetport Controversy / Stop the Rush to Build Pipelines in NJ / Hammonton Water Conservation Update / Wildfires and Prescribed Burns / Pinelands Events PDF Version

June/July 2015 - Inside the Pinelands

Pipeline Proposals Abound in the Pinelands / Come on a Pinelands Adventure this Summer / Robert Jackson is replaced on Commission / PPA's Native Plant Sale and the Nurseries Who Make it Possible / Pinelands Events PDF Version

April/May 2015 - Inside the Pinelands

Pinelands Adventures - Reaching the Public with the Pinelands Story / New Project to Document ORV Damage / PPA's New Director of Conservation Science / PPA MEMBERandum: Charles Caruso / Pinelands Events PDF Version

Feb./March 2015 - Inside the Pinelands

Voters Approve Long-Term Funding for Open Space Preservation / Nominations Aim to Reverse Pipeline Vote / Water Conservation in Hammonton / Celebrating Two Pinelands Heroes / Pinelands Events PDF version

Dec. 2014 / January 2015 - Inside the Pinelands

PPA - 25th Anniversary Issue/ PPA Looks Back Over 25 Years / PPA: The Next 25 Years / New PPA Board Leadership / Pinelands Events PDF version

June / July 2014 - Inside the Pinelands

Groundwater - An Environmental Issue / Groundwater Hydrology 101 / Water is Not Unlimited in the Pinelands / Wells Can Suck the Pinelands Dry / Remarkable Ponds of the Pinelands / Pinelands Events PDF version

April / May 2014 - Inside the Pinelands

Spring into the Pinelands at the Franklin Parker Preserve / PPA's Annual Native Plant Sale / Restoring a Natural Fire Regime in the Pinelands / Rare Plants Remain Unprotected / Gas Pipeline Still a Threat / Pinelands Events/ PDF version

February / March 2014 - Inside the Pinelands

A Victory for the Pinelands / Rancocas Watershed Ambassador / Dr. James Still's Historic Property / Letter from Former Governors / How the Commission Voted on the Pipeline / Event Calendar April - May / PDF version

August/Sept 2013 - Inside the Pinelands

New Jersey Must Continue its Legacy of Support for Open Space / No Pipeline in the Pinelands / NJ's Healthy Forests Act / Got Water? / Open Space is Essential for Education / PPA Events August and September.

Editor’s Note: This edition of Inside the Pinelands was published before Governor Christie took action on the Healthy Forests Act. On August 19th, Gov. Christie conditionally vetoed this legislation removing all information about the purpose of the legislation and the provision requiring Forest Stewardship Council certification of forest stewardship plans. As a result the Pinelands Preservation Alliance withdrew its support of the bill.

June/July 2013 - Inside the Pinelands

Woodbine ORV Park Triggers New Requirements / Remember Nan Hunter-Walnut / New Enduro Map for Wharton / Fire Ecology and the Wild Lupine / Ted Gordon in his own words / PPA Events June and July; PDF version

April/May 2013 - Inside the Pinelands

New Jersey Needs a Native Plant Protection Act / PPA's Annual Native Plant Sale/Bog Asphodel: Only in the Pinelands/Citizens Press for Plant Protection/PPA Programs in April & May/Pinelands Calendar; PDF version

February/March 2013 - Inside the Pinelands

Building and Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy: Time for Low Impact Development/ Friends of the Black Run Preserve/ Celebrating Pinelands Heroes Ted Gordon and Jeanne Woodford/ Fairs & Festivals/ Pemberton Residents in Action/ The Citizens Campaign/ Pinelands Calendar/ PDF version

October/November 2012 - Inside the Pinelands

Pinelands Commission Begins Plan Review Process/ PPA Programs in October/ 31 Ways to Celebrate Pinelands Month/ Fairs & Festivals/ Keep the Pinelands Green Forever/ Fall is for Mycophiles/ Pinelands Calendar/ PDF version

June/July 2012 - Inside the Pinelands

Declare Barnegat Bay as Impaired/ Get Outdoors with PPA's Programs in July/ Working the Bay: Dale Parsons Jr./ Fairs & Festivals/ An Adventurer Looks at 60/ Pinelands Calendar/ PDF version

April/May 2012 - Inside the Pinelands

Good Stewardship Means More than Clearcuts/ PPA's Annual Native Plant/ Remembering Rick Walnut/ Chain Pickerel: The Water Wolf/ PPA Memberandum: Tom Besselman/ Pinelands Calendar of Events/ PDF version

February/March 2012 - Inside the Pinelands

Pinelands Loses Two Great Advocates: Howard Boyd & Elmer Rowley/ Lines On the Pines & Pinelands Short Course/ PPA's 2011 Activities & Accomplishments/ Pay It Forward/ Pinelands Calendar of Events/ PDF version

December 2011/January 2012 - Inside the Pinelands

Republicans and Democrats Want the State to Protect the Pinelands and Highlands/ Meet the Rancocas Waterhsed Ambassador/ PPA Member Forum/ Red Berries and Pinelands Birds: A Match Made in Winter/ Remembering Dick Turner/ Pinelands Calendar of Events/ PDF version


October/November 2011 - Inside the Pinelands

Southern Pine Beetle: A More Holistic Approach to Management/ Cool Ways to Spend Fall Days/ PPA: An Ally in the Pines/ 31 Ways to Celebrate the Pinelands/ PPA MEMBERandum: Barbara Solem/ Fairs & Festivals/ Pinelands Calendar of Events/ PDF version

June/July 2011 - Inside the Pinelands

NJDEP's Proposal for Widespread and Discretionary Waivers/ PPA 2011 Programs/ Frogs, Fungus & the Pines/ The Little World Inside Pitcher Plants/ PPA MEMBERandum/ PDF version

April/May 2011 - Inside the Pinelands

State Proposes to Waive Protections for Barnegat Bay for WalMart/ Your Will Can Make It Happen!/ Stream Critters/ Earth Day Native Plant Sale/ New Species Discovered in the Pine Barrens!/ PPA MEMBERandum/ PDF version

February/March 2011 - Inside the Pinelands

New Protections for Barnegat Bay/ John Stokes Retires from Pinelands Commission/ New PPA Staff Member Amy Karpati/ The Lure of the Land Pine Barrens Photo Exhibit/ Pinelands Commission Stifles Public Comment/ Black Run Preserve Fundraising Update PDF version

December 2010/January 2011 - Inside the Pinelands

Diversion without Compensation: DEP and Pinelands Commission Approve Solar Facility on Preserved Parkland/New Rancocas Watershed Ambassador/Russell Juelg to Manage Public Programs at Parker Preserve/Winter Ecology in the Pine Barrens/Pine Barrens Hall of Fame Gallery/PPA MEMBERandum PDF version

October/November 2010 - Inside the Pinelands

NJ Natural Lands Trust-Critical to Our Biodiversity/ Cool Ways to Spend Fall Days/ 31 Ways to Celebrate the Pinelands in october/ 6th Annual Pine Barrens Hall of Fame Nov. 6/ PPA MEMBERandum

August/September 2010 - Inside the Pinelands

Annual State of the Pinelands Report/ 2010 Pinelands Discovery Festival/ More Roads More Traveled Make All the Difference/ 2010 Pinelands Lecture Series Overview/ PPA MEMBERandum

June/July 2010 - Inside the Pinelands

Barnegat Township Votes to Keep Land in Conservation/ 2010 Pinelands Heritage Series/ Walmart Denied Again in Toms River/ Remembering PPA Board Member Gerry Vriens/ Why Did YOU Become a PPA Member?/

April/May 2010 - Inside the Pinelands

Gov. Christie's Executive Orders Raise Red Flags/ Prescribed Ecological Burns/ Cold War Nukes in the Pines/ Thumbs Up: NJDEP & Pine Snakes/ Life Science Field Training Institute

February/March 2010 - Inside the Pinelands

ORV Legislation Approved/ Pinelands Heritage Forum/ New Jersey Rush/ Remembering Beryl Robichaud Collins/ PPA MEMBERandum

December 2009/January 2010 - Inside the Pinelands

Voters Endorse Open Space Funding/ PPA Receives Wave of Hope Award/ Winter Botany: Freezing Frees Them Up/ Sustainable Jersey/ PPA MEMBERandum

October/November 2009 - Inside the Pinelands

Green Acres Ballot Question/ Fall Explorations/ 31 Ways to Celebrate the Pines/ Story Board/ New Website

August/September 2009 - Inside the Pinelands

State of the Pinelands/Free Food: Pinelands Bounty/PPA MEMBERandum/Photo Contest Winners

June/July 2009 - Inside the Pinelands

PPA's 20 Years of Pinelands Preservation/ PPA MEMBERandum/ Pinelands Heritage Series 2009

April/May 2009 - Inside the Pinelands

Remembering Michael Huber/ Pinelands License Plate Update/ PPA's 20th Anniversary Events/ What is the Pinelands Watch?

February/March 2009 - Inside the Pinelands

Pinelands Management Area Changes/ Remember Tom Darlington/ Famous Places, Handsome Plants

December 2008/January 2009 - Inside the Pinelands

30th Anniversary of the Pinelands Plan/ What is PPA Doing for Roadside Vegetation?/ Companies Support PPA/ 5th Annual Pine Barrens Hall of Fame Awards

October/November 2008 - Inside the Pinelands

Clustering: The Answer to Urban Sprawl? / 13 Ways to Celebrate the Pinelands/ Sustainable Design in the Pines/

August/September 2008 - Inside the Pinelands

State of the Pinelands Report / Economics of Open Space/ Sustainable Design in the Pines/ Pinelands Friendly Yards

June/July 2008 - Inside the Pinelands

Landscaping with Natives/ Pinelands Heritage Program

April/May 2008 - Inside the Pinelands

Knowing Franklin J. Parker III/ James C. Rutherford Jr. Scholarship

February/March 2008 - Inside the Pinelands

Pollution Trading/ ORV Legislation

December 2007/January 2008 - Inside the Pinelands

Special Water Issue: Transferring Pollution/ Growth Areas: A Water Quality Conundrum/ Aquatic Pesticides and Herbicides Threaten Pinelands Water

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