Albert D. Horner

Trustee of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance

Albert D. Horner is a Medford Lakes resident who has been exploring the Pine Barrens since childhood. He is a self-taught fine art landscape photographer who for nearly a decade has been photographing, almost exclusively, the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve. Al’s concentrated photographic effort in the Pine Barrens has produced over 150 fine art images. Additionally this experience has shaped him into an advocate for the Pinelands. Al has produced a power point slide show based on his work that explores the Pinelands through his images and provides his audiences with many Pine Barrens facts. The program is presented at the Pinelands Short Course, to photography and nature clubs as well as at many libraries. Albert published a monograph of his work in 2015 called “Pinelands: New Jersey’s Suburban Wilderness." Al’s future photographic aspiration is to have a traveling art exhibit of his work to draw more statewide attention to the Pinelands National Reserve. Al joined the board in 2014.

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