Governor Christie Wants to Replace a Pinelands Hero

Governor Christie proposed the removal of Pinelands Commissioner Edward Lloyd on December 4th. Mr. Lloyd is an environmental champion and should not be removed from serving.

On December 4th Governor Christie nominated Ed McGlinchey to replace longtime environmental stalwart Ed Lloyd as a gubernatorial representative on the Pinelands Commission.

This effort was turned back by an amazing outpouring of support from NJ residents.

The Governor’s effort to replace environmental hero Edward Lloyd failed yesterday according to statements released on Twitter from two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Image of lesniak twitter ed lloyd Image of sarlo twitter ed lloyd

There was tremendous response from the public resulting in members of the Senate Judiciary Committee receiving hundreds of calls in just 24 hours. On Thursday 25 people came to the Statehouse and stood in the halls talking to Senators and members of the Judiciary Committee urging them to stand up for good governance and not allow lame duck appointments to independent state agencies like the Pinelands Commission.

Take Action – Thank these Senators

Please take moment to tweet, call or email the following Senators who have publicly supported the Pinelands in this battle:

Senator Lesniak
Email: -- Phone: 908-624-0880 -- Twitter: @SenatorLesniak

Senator Sarlo
Email: -- Phone: 201-804-8118 -- Twitter: @PaulASarlo

Senator Weinberg
Email: -- Phone: 201-928-0100 --Twitter: @SenatorLorettaW

Senator Smith
Email: -- Phone: 732-752-0770 -- Twitter: @SenatorBobSmith

Senator Bateman
Email: -- Phone: 908-526-3600 -- Twitter: @KipBateman

Five Pinelands Commissioners Are Still at Risk

Governor Christie’s nomination of Edward McGlinchey to the Pinelands Commission has not been withdrawn. In fact an article in Burlington County Times states, "Sweeney said that he still supports McGlinchey’s appointment, but that it was possible his nomination could be changed so that a different sitting commissioner is targeted rather the Lloyd." Read a PDF of the article here.

Currently Candace Ashmun, Mark Lohbauer, D’arcy Rohan-Green, Richard Prickett, and Gary Quinn are all vulnerable because their terms have expired. They can continue to serve on an expired term but, as we saw with Edward Lloyd, they can be replaced. Ashmun, Lohbauer, Rohan-Green and Prickett have all voted against the South Jersey and New Jersey Natural Gas Pinelands pipeline proposals in opposition to the Governor’s position on these projects.

Next Week - December 11th

If the Governor continues to push this Pinelands Commission nomination it could happen December 18th which is the date of the next full Senate session. This would mean the Senate Judiciary Committee would have to meet beforehand. As of this moment there is no Judiciary meeting scheduled but that could change quickly. Please stay ready to make calls and take action.

Who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee:

The Senate Judiciary Committee must approve gubernatorial nominations to the Pinelands Commission and move them to the full Senate for a vote. This could still happen in the few days that Governor Christie has left.

Senate Judiciary Committee Members:

Nicholas Scutari, Chair (D-22)
Phone: (908) 587-0404

Nia Gill, Vice-Chair (D-34)
Phone: (973) 509-0388

Nellie Pou (D-35)
Phone: (973) 247-1555

Brian Stack (D-33)
Phone: (201) 721-5263

Joseph Kyrillos (R-13)
Phone: (732) 671-3206

Gerald Cardinale (R-39)
Phone (201) 567-2324

Kristin Corrado (R-40)
Phone: 973-237-1360

Michael Doherty (R-23)
Phone: (908) 835-0552

Paul Sarlo (D-36)
Phone: (201) 804-8118

Christopher Bateman (R-16)
Phone (908) 526-3600

Raymond Lesniak (D-20)
Phone (908) 624-0880

Bob Smith (D-17)
Phone (732) 752-0770

Brian Stack (D-33)
Phone (201) 376-1942

Loretta Weinberg (D-37)
Phone (201) 928-0100

Please spread the word.

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