Take Action Protect Pinelands Water

New Jersey’s network of rivers, wetlands and ground water is the source of life from the Pinelands to the Jersey Shore to the Delaware River and beyond. Millions of people depend on New Jersey’s ground water every day for drinking, their economic wellbeing and quality of life.

Save the Source is our campaign to protect the 17-trillion gallon Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer, a vast reserve of fresh water that underlies southern New Jersey and all of the Pinelands.

The Kirkwood-Cohansey is one of the cleanest aquifers in America. Yet it is threatened by overuse, pollution and degradation.

The future of the aquifer is being set TODAY. Take action and help us make protection of every drop of water in the Kirkwood-Cohansey a priority.

Our next Governor must make protecting Pinelands water a priority!

The following people are running for governor in New Jersey this year. Let them know that protecting the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer is a top priority for you. Here is a sample statement:

“The New Jersey Pinelands are the pride of the Garden State offering familes a wilderness retreat in one of America's most urban states. The Pinelands protect the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer, a source of drinking water for millions of people and it is increasingly under threat. If you are elected governor I urge to take proactive steps to protect this vulnerable resource that so many people, plants and animals depend on.”


John Wisniewski

(732) 432-8460 (office)
(732)525-1400 (campaign)
email: info@wiz2017.com
web: www.wiz2017.com

Raymond Lesniak

(908)327-9119 (office)
(908)693-9144 (campaign)
email: info@ray4gov.com
web: www.ray4gov.com

Jim Johnson

email: info@jimjohnson4governor.com
web: www.jimjohnson4governor.com/RealDemocracy/

Phil Murphy

(973) 825-2017
email: info@murphy4nj.com
web: www.murphy4nj.com

Bill Brenan

web: http://www.brennan2017.com/

Monica Brinson

web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/monica-brinson-mba-68998748/

Bob Hoatson

email: roberthoatson@gmail.com

Lisa McCormick

(908) 458-6397
email: lisa@njdems.com
web: http://lisamccormick.org/

Mark Zinna

email: zinna@markzinna2017.com
web: www.markzinna2017.com/


Jack Ciattarelli

(908)450-7064 (office)
(908) 842-2100 (campaign)
email: headquarters@jack4gov.com
web: www.jack4gov.com

Kim Guadagno (currently Lieutenant Governor)

Phone: (732) 410-9140 (campaign office)
web: www.kimfornj.com

Steven L.F. Rogers
web: http://rogersnjgovernor.us/

Joseph Rudy Rullo
web: http://rullo2017.com/

Hirsh V. Singh
web: http://singhfornewjersey.com/

Green Party

Seth Kaper-Dale

web: www.kaperdaleforgovernor.com/


Karese Laguerre

email: electklaguerre@outlook.com

web: https://www.facebook.com/electklaguerre/

Jon Lancelot

email: Committee@lancelot2017.com

web: http://lancelot2017.com/

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