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"Development" means the change of or enlargement of any use or disturbance of any land, the performance of any building or mining operation, the division of land into two or more parcels, and the creation or termination of rights of access or riparian rights including, but not limited to: 1. A change in type of use of a structure or land; 2. A reconstruction, alteration of the size, or material change in the external appearance of a structure or land; 3. A material increase in the intensity of use of land, such as an increase in the number of businesses, manufacturing establishments, offices or dwelling units in a structure or on land; 4. Commencement of resource extraction or drilling or excavation on a parcel of land; 5. Demolition of a structure or removal of trees; 6. Commencement of forestry activities; 7. Deposit of refuse, solid or liquid waste or fill on a parcel of land; 8. In connection with the use of land, the making of any material change in noise levels, thermal conditions, or emissions of waste material; and 9. Alteration, either physically or chemically, of a shore, bank, or flood plain, seacoast, river, stream, lake, pond, wetlands or artificial body of water.

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