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Ocean Acres Conservation Zone

In 2004, Barnegat Township adopted an ordinance that created a 350 acre Residential Conservation (RC) Zone within the existing Regional Growth portion of the Ocean Acres sub-division. Walters Group, a major land owner within the subdivision, believes that a 135 lot portion of the conservation zone should now be rezoned to allow the development of houses.

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Stafford Landfill - Environment Going to Lose Again?

Stafford Township passed an ordinance to allow the Stafford Landfill, which was closed with a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Stafford Township and the New Jersey Pinelands Commission, to have solar panels built on top. This ignored the fact that during the MOA process the landfill portion of the Stafford Business Park was deed restricted for open space.

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Jackson Township - Bowman Road

Jackson Township Planning Board voted to allow a new resource extraction operation on 109 acres along Bowman Road. This site is located in a Forest Management Area where new mining in not permitted under the Comprehensive Management Plan.

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Robert J. Miller AirPark, Ocean County

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance is strongly opposed to an Memorandum of Agreement for more development at the Robert J. Miller AirPark. In the preservation area the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan allows for a 50 percent expansion of non-conforming uses that existed prior to 1981. Ocean County should not be allowed to go beyond this clear and generous allowance.

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