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While the diversity of bird species in the Pine Barrens is not particularly great, many species live within or migrate through the Pine Barrens.

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The Pine Barrens today is home to 35 species of mammals. Top predators like black bears, cougars and wolves were lost to hunting and trapping long ago, although black bears seem to be finding their way back.

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Two toads and twelve frogs are known to inhabit the Pinelands. All of these amphibians are dependent on high-quality aquatic habitat for breeding, but some of them are otherwise more closely associated with uplands.

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About 20 species of snakes inhabit the Pinelands, and several of these populations are quite remarkable.

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Pine Barrens streams are good habitat for a very limited range of fish species, because of the streams’ acidity. Most fish cannot reproduce in the Pine Barrens’ naturally acid waters, because the acidity interferes with the development of their eggs.

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Pinelands Ecology

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Timber Rattlesnake

Crotalus horridus

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