Information for Teachers and Students

PPA offers a variety of resources to educators and students, including teacher training, a Pinelands-based curriculum, and customized field trip experiences.

Image of Students from Medford's Memorial School hike across a footbridge on the Batona Trail.Students from Medford's Memorial School hike across a footbridge on the Batona Trail. © Kevin Sparkman

Teacher Resources & Training

PPA offers a variety of resources to teachers, including training programs, curricula, and customized field experiences.

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The Pine Barrens: Up Close & Natural Curriculum

PPA is pleased to offer this book of lesson plans and resources to educators interested in teaching about the New Jersey Pinelands, and in using the Pinelands as a vehicle to teach broader themes of ecology, biology, geology, history and social science.

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Life Science Field Training Institute

A multi-day field science experience for educators to strengthen field-based investigations in their teaching and improve student performance.

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Here is a "heartsong" written by a Marlton Middle School student about the NJ Pinelands:

Pinelands Heartsong

Why do you pass me by,

Without a second glance?

As they rip out my soul

Branch by branch?

Industrialize! Commercialize!

They say and do this every day.

But I scream in protest,

To let me go from their metal grasp.

I was born in New Jersey,

And fear that's where I will die

Please help me soon,

Rid me of these malicious machines.

Iron, glass, cranberries,

They are all made and picked on me

I am used like a rag-

Torn up and thrown out to dry.

My animals, their habitats destroyed,

Have no place to go,

On their death bed they are,

Because of merciless men.

Farming was all over,

And put to good use,

Now with all these mini-malls,

I see no more open land

One more time I will plead,

For my life

And my species.

For when I am gone-

I will never come back.

Dillon McNamara

Marlton Middle School

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