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PPA offers a variety of resources to teachers, including training programs, curricula, and customized field experiences.

Image of Teachers on a hike listen to a speaker during the Teachers Institute.Teachers on a hike listen to a speaker during the Teachers Institute. © PPA

Pinelands Summer Teacher Institutes

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PPA provides placed-based educational experiences for educators in the form of our multi-day program, the Life Science Field Training Institute. In addition, we organize custom Pinelands field trips for individual school groups. The Pine Barrens: Up Close & Natural Inquiry Based Curriculum provides a comprehensive set of lesson plans and resources for those interested in teaching about the Pinelands.

Life Science Field Training Institute (June 22-26, 2015) This program is a multi-day field science experience for New Jersy educators and is designed to strengthen field-based investigations in their teaching and improve student performance. Program highlights include:

  • Canoe trip and investigation of aquatic habitats of the NJ Pinelands
  • Transects and vegetation analysis
  • Tour of the Rutgers University Pinelands Field Station
  • Merging field exercises with service projects

Professional development credits available. Three (3) graduate credits through Rutgers University are also available. A $50 deposit is required (fully refundable upon completion of the program).

Click here for more information and a registration form.

PPA is pleased to have the support of the Bonazzi Foundation for the Promotion of Science Education for our education program.

The Pine Barrens: Up Close and Natural Curriculum

PPA is pleased to offer this book of lesson plans and resources to educators interested in teaching about the New Jersey Pinelands, and in using the Pinelands as a vehicle to teach broader themes of ecology, biology, geology, history and social science. The curriculum guide is available in downloadable PDF files below (or hardcopy upon request):






Human Impact & Conservation

References & Suggested Reading

The curriculum also comes with a 30 minute The Pine Barrens: Up Close & Natural DVD, which is accompanied by a teacher's guide on CD-ROM. This film is the finest natural history documentary about the Pine Barrens ever produced, and offers an amazing visual introduction to the plants, animals and water resources that make this such a unique ecosyatem.

To request a hardcopy of the curriculum, plus the DVD and teacher guide, contact Ryan at (609) 859-8860 x26 or ryan@pinelandsalliance.org.

NJ Pinelands Commission's On-Line Curriculum (Grades 4 - 8)

The information in these guides, created by the NJ Pinelands Commission, has been designed to help students develop an appreciation of the diversity and complexity of the Pinelands, and an understanding of the need to preserve and protect this unique resource. Learn more

Barnegat Bay Watershed Educational Resource Guide

The Guide is a compendium of resources and organizations offering numerous programs, publications, field trips, & watershed information that educators can incorporate into their lessons & activities. Learn more

Other Teacher Training Opportunities in the Pine Barrens

Barnegat Bay Teacher Research Institute (Lighthouse Center)

Children's Educational Programs in the Pine Barrens

Marine Science Day Camp (Sea Grant)

Sedge Island Summer Field Experience (Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ)

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